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Why Choose Us?

Do you have an order but need upfront funds to purchase the materials? Are you always behind with paying your invoices because you are waiting on debtors?

Problems like these are quickly and simply solved, and Factorchoice’s completely free and impartial advisory service can connect you with the ideal factor product for your company, whatever your situation.

Why Factorchoice over other brokers?

Save money:
We have built strong relationships with UK factors so we know where and how to go to get you the best prices, and our services are free.

Save time:
We do all the legwork and we also know exactly who to speak to first to bring you a selection of favourable factoring opportunities.

Expert personal advice:
Talk with a genuine factoring expert with up to the minute knowledge of the entire UK market - free of charge.

Cost effective:
We will help you understand the costs and obligations involved - the cheapest option isn't always the best, some factors offer an all inclusive service whilst others may quote a cheaper price but have additional costs that you may not be aware of.

We make sure all the costs involved are clear before you commit.

For most of our clients, this is the first time they have tried factoring, alone they face a mountain of work tracking down factors and seeing what they have to offer, the chances of finding the best opportunity and of understanding exactly what’s on the table are stacked against them, gaining the support of an impartial expert is the ideal solution.

Whatever your requirements or position, contact us today to discuss what options are available for your company.

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