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Who can we help?

Outsource your admin and get up to 95% of the money from your invoice debtors immediately!

Factoring and invoice discounting help all kinds of businesses with trade financing. Whether you need to even out your cash flow and develop your business or would simply like to outsource your administration, payroll and back office services.

We can help you grow your business if:

  • You trade business to business
  • You offer your products or services on credit

All factors differ according to the size, type and average sales value of your business, with our up to the minute and extensive experience of the market, we know who to talk to in order to find the most cost effective solution for your needs, with particular expertise in start up businesses and the recruitment industry.

We regularly find cash flow solutions for:


> Businesses selling in the UK and Ireland
> Businesses wanting to change factor
> Exporters
> MBOs, MBIs
> Partnerships
> Recruitment agencies needing payroll services
> Businesses with a single or few clients
> Start-ups
> Trade finance
> Selective factoring
> Confidential factoring

Non-standard situations:

> Companies turned down by a factor
> Construction firms
> Factoring only part of sales
> Phoenixes
> Poor history
> Small turnovers from £100,000 p.a.
> Urgent Cases
> Companies with outstanding CCJs

With literally thousands of satisfied clients behind us you won’t find a more capable or experienced broker to support your business, and remember that to you our services are completely free of charge, confidential, impartial and places you under no obligations. Contact us today to see how factoring really can work for you.